Pre-Register Groups

A guide on inviting large groups of people and pre-registering their arrival

Visitor Manager Central allows you to pre-register not just individuals but also groups of people. You can decide if you wanted to send an email invitation to those visitors or just set them up, so your team know is arriving that day.

  • Login to the web dashboard with your email and password
  • In Kiosks, click Manage Visitors on the location you wish to pre-register a group at
Manage visitors
  • Click on New Visitor
Manage Group Visitors
  • Complete the fields on screen for adding a group
  • Decide if you wish to select the option to invite your guests by email
  • Submit the form

Your guests will then be pre-registered in the system.

If you send them the invite email they will receive a QR code to scan on arrival and speed up the sign in process, they can also complete their pre-registration by following a link in the email and providing additional information if needed.