GDPR Settings

Visitor Manager Central allows you to effectively manage your employee and visitor records in a compliant, secure and safe way.

Visitor Manager Central is fully GDPR compliant for EU and global customers. 

As part of our commitment to delivering the best Visitor Management System for your organisation, Visitor Manager Central has develop a set of features that allows you to access, anonymise and remove data anytime.

Visitor Manager Central will never export, manipulate or sell your data to a third party and we take your privacy and individuals very seriously.

Our data and privacy tools allow you to

  • Comply with GDPR at an enterprise level
  • Anonymise visitor and contacts information
  • Delete all visitor and contact information
  • Set removal and anonymisation rules
  • Instantly delete all visitor and contact data

How to Manage Data & Privacy

To access this feature, you will need the required permissions set by your administrator or have an administrator account.

  • On your dashboard home screen, go to SETTINGS
  • Click Data & Privacy
  • Here you can set your required data and privacy rules referent to GDPR, anonymisation and deletion