Terminate Account

Terminating your account with Visitor Manager Central is hassle-free and you can do this at any time you like. If you wish to cancel the Visitor Manager Central service, these steps:

  1. Log into your Visitor Manager Central dashboard
  2. On your home screen, click SETTINGS 
  3. Click Account Details
  4. Go to the Subscription tab
  5. Click Terminate Account
  6. Follow the prompts on screen and complete all fields
  7. Click Confirm Termination

Visitor Manager Central verifies all termination requests, even of customers on trial, to ensure we uphold security integrity. After your termination request has been made, it will take about 30 days before your account is removed from the system. During this time you are able to log back in and restore your account.

For enquiries, discussions and feedback, please contact our friendly staff at Visitor Manager Central