Bluetooth Printing – Disconnection issues

Bluetooth Printing – Disconnection issues #

This article will assist if you are having issues with your Brother QL-820NWB printer losing Bluetooth connection with the iPad.

Note: This guide applies to the Brother QL-820NWB printer only.

If you are experiencing stability issues with your badge printer when connected via Bluetooth, then please work though the following steps to resolve the issues.

There is a tool from Brother called the ‘Printer setting tool’ that can be used to set the printer defaults. 

You can download it from here:

Install it on your laptop.

The one drawback about this process, is that you must connect your laptop to the printer via a USB cable.

Once connected:

From the home page, click on ‘Communication Settings’.

Click on the ‘Bluetooth’ tab > ‘Auto re-paring’ and make sure that it is set to ‘Enable’.

Then go to the ‘General’ tab, ‘Communications Settings’ and make sure that ‘Bluetooth on power on’ is set to ‘On by default’.

It is also worth checking that ‘Auto power off’ is set to None.  You can check this by going to ‘Device settings’ on the ‘Printer setting tool’ homepage and then going to the ‘Basic’ tab.