Getting Started with Visitor Manager Central

A quick guide to getting started with Visitor Manager Central Visitor Management System, your Kiosks and User management.

With just a little tech savviness you can get your Visitor Manager Central Administrator account up and running in a matter of minutes. This guide will give you the basics on where to get started.

Here you will learn how to:

  • Customise your Kiosk with Kiosk Designer
  • Set up your Kiosk on your iPad
  • Add new user to your Team

Customise your Kiosk with Kiosk Designer #

When you first login to Visitor Manager Central you will see the Dashboard. This will show you all of your Locations, tabbed location options and the Kiosks that are attached to them (shown as a thumbnail image). This is the Dashboard “Home” screen.

If you are a first-time customer, you may see a default Kiosk already, you can edit/delete this or create a new one.

  1. On your home screen, click the box “Create New Kiosk”
  2. Select a theme that you prefer the look of (you can change most of this in the next steps or keep it as is).
  3. Fill out your Kiosk’s details
  4. Click “Create Kiosk”
  5. When the Kiosk Designer launches, in the “Home Screen” section, edit the design of your Kiosk including the layout, buttons, colours, logo, background and so on.
  6. In “Sign-in Types”, create different flows for each of the buttons on your Kiosk’s screen so you direct visitors through the right process and collet the right information from them.
  7. In “Hosts” add the Team Members that visitors will be able to select during their sign-in process in the visitor directory (host selection).
  8. In “Visitor Badge”, customise what your visitor badges will look like when they are printed if you are wanting to use the supported label printer
  9. In “Default Notifications” you can setup a team member(s) as contacts for specific functions on the Kiosk.
  10. Click “Save” to save your Kiosk as a draft
  11. Click the upload arrow icon to upload it to your iPad (also known as Push and Refresh)
  12. Click the “Home” button to back

Copy a Kiosk #

If you have a kiosk already and you simply want to copy this, you can also click “Clone Kiosk” to create a copy of the Kiosk you have just made or “Delete Kiosk” to delete it from your system.

Set up your Kiosk on your iPad #

  1. Download the Visitor Manager Central app on your iPad
  2. Log into your Visitor Manager Central account with your username and password
  3. Check the settings tab is setup how you need
  4. In “Kiosks” tab select the Kiosk you want to display
  5. The Kiosk will display, your system is ready to be used!

Add new members to your Team #

When you create a Visitor Manager Central account for the first time it’s likely you will be the only User. We use the term “Teams” as you can group Users into different types of groups with relevant system permissions.

To add employees, contractors and other types of uses you can use the below process.

  1. Log into your Visitor Manager Central account at
  2. Click the “USERS” tab on the left sidebar
  3. Click “Teams”
  4. Click “+ New User” button
  5. Fill in the fields in the “Details” tab
  6. Go to the “Access” tab to grant your Team Member the ability to sign in/out on specific Kiosks (typically the location they are assigned to).
  7. In the “Locations” tab assign your Team Member to specific or multiple locations, this will show them on the Kiosk(s) when visitors sign in at that Kiosk.
  8. In “Role”, grant role permissions to your Team Member, typically the “Employee” default role is all that is required.
  9. In “Notifications”, choose the email address notifications get sent to when a visitor arrives to see your Team Member
  10. In “Security”, you choose a security pin which your Team Member can use to sign in in case they do not want to use/have access to QR code or FaceID features.
  11. Click Save to finish

Alternatively, you can view our other help guides that will show you how to add team members including.

  • Bulk import with CSV
  • Bulk update with CSV
  • Import with API
  • Import with Active Directory

For advanced assistance please search the help guides or contact the Visitor Manager Central support team online with your questions.