HipChat Integration

Connect your HipChat service to Visitor Manager Central for Team notifications.

HipChat is a web service for internal private online chat and instant messaging. As well as one-on-one and group/topic chat, it also features cloud-based file storage, video calling, searchable message-history and inline-image viewing.

With Visitor Manager Central and HipChat your users can get instant notifications when their guests arrive!

Setup HipChat #

  1. Sign up for a HipChat account on Atlassian (skip step if you have already got an account). https://id.atlassian.com/signup

Connect HipChat to Visitor Manager Central #

  1. Login to the Visitor Manager Central dashboard
  2. Go to SETTINGS > Integrations > Third Party
  3. Navigate to the HipChat integration option and click Enable
  4. Copy your API Key and click on the Go to HipChat button
  5. Follow the prompts in the popup window
  6. Login to HipChat account
HipChat integration
  1. Select a room and click on the “Continue” button
  2. When prompted click on the “Approve” button
  3. In the Continue tab click on the “Continue” button
  4. Input the Visitor Manager Central API Key and click “Proceed” button

All done! Visitor Manager Central is now connected to HipChat for notifications.