Connect Printer to iPad via a Network Connection

Connect Printer to iPad via a Network Connection #

This article will help you connect your Brother label printer to the Visitor Manager Central iPad terminal for badge printing.

First, we will assume you have connected your Brother label printer to your office wireless network, or you plan on using Bluetooth connection options. Visitor Manager Central supports the following Brother Label Printers.

  • Brother QL-720NW wireless printer
  • Brother QL-810W wireless printer
  • Brother QL-820NWB network, wireless and Bluetooth printer

Visitor Manager Central recommends you use the Brother QL-820NWB printer.

Ensure you have the correct printing labels, Visitor Manager Central only supports the Brother DK-11202 labels (as sold on our website and most IT stationary suppliers).

  • If you want to use other label sizes, please refer to this guide for changing your printer labels with the Visitor Manager Central iPad App

Please consult our hardware guides on connecting a Brother printer to your office wireless network. 

Connect Brother Printer via a network connection #

(Applies to Brother QL-720NW, QL-810W and QL-820NWB only)

This guide will show you how to connect your Brother printer to a Visitor Manager Central terminal using a wireless or wired network. You will need to have your printer connected to the network and Visitor Manager Central iPad app installed.

1. For Wi-Fi printers select “Wi-Fi Printer” menu options.

  • If you use a DHCP IP printer, use the Wi-Fi Printer option
  • If you use a STATIC/FIXED IP please add via the IP address method. Press and HOLD the IP ADDRESS field (below the WIFI Printer option) for 5 seconds to activate this and allow you to enter a fixed IP address or remove it.

For ethernet connection, the printer will normally pick up a DHCP IP address.

2. Launch the Visitor Manager Central App and login with your administrator username and password.  (Please makes sure that you’ve updated to the latest app).

3. Click on ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the page.

3. At the top of the ‘Settings’ page, click on the ‘Printer’ text.  The app will start searching for network connected printers, this may take a few moments so please wait.

Note:  The iPad and the printer must be on the same network / subnet in order to be able to communicate.

If you see the following message pop up, then press ‘OK’.

4. If printers are found, then a list will be displayed.  Select the the printer you wish to connect to.

If no printer is found (which sometime happens), you may see a message like the following:

If this is the case, then you may need to add the printer manually (this requires that you know the IP address of the printer).  Click on the ‘Manual Setup’ button, enter the IP address of the Printer in the ‘IP Address’ field and press ‘Save’.

5. You will now see the printer that you selected listed in the ‘Printer’ field and the printers network IP address below this.

6. Under the ‘Printing Options’, you can run a ‘Print Test’.   This will send a print test job from the Visitor Manager Central dashboard to the iPad and onto the printer if connected successfully.

7. Once you’ve connected to your printer, select your kiosk and do a test sign-in.  As long as you have a ‘Print badge’ screen in your sign-in flow, then a badge should print.