VMC App Update Guide

Please follow this guide carefully to ensure your Visitor Manager Central iPad application and web Dashboard are updated correctly.

If you are required to update the Visitor Manager Central application on your iPad, it’s best practice to follow the guide below. This update process will generally take up to 10 minutes to complete if done correctly by a first-time user of Visitor Manager Central.

Please note the steps in this guide must be followed carefully.

Step 1 – Delete Existing Visitor Manager Central App #

Preparing your iPad is important so you get the best performance from Visitor Manager Central.

  1. Logout of the Visitor Manager Central iPad application
    Logout by pressing the Home button on the iPad and then double tap the home button and “Swipe Up” to close the app.
  2. Delete the Visitor Manager Central iPad application
    Locate the Visitor Manager Central app on your iPad and press and hold the icon for several seconds until it begins to jiggle. You can now press the small cross (X) on the corner of the app icon to delete it from the iPad.

IMPORTANT: You must delete the app from the iPad screen not just the quick access dock. Ensure there is no Visitor Manager Central app icon on the iPad anywhere.

Step 2 – Update Your iPad #

Check to see if a new version of iOS is available, please open the iPad “Settings” app and run the update if one is available. The current version of iOS is version 11.4.1

  1. Open the iPad Settings app
  2. Select General
  3. Select Software Update

IMPORTANT: Your iPad will need to restart once iOS has been updated. Allow your iPad to restart, make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi and fully charged.

Step 3 – Prepare Your iPad #

Default iPad settings may cause issues with the performance of Visitor Manager Central, specifically the on-screen keyboard. Delete all other apps the iPad will allow you to, do not run other apps in the background.

  1. Delete all unnecessary apps.
  2. Disable all auto updates including auto app updates
  3. Disable all keyboard functions except auto-capitalisation
  4. Disable auto brightness and night-shift modes
  5. Disable auto lock

Important: Once you have removed the Visitor Manager Central app, updated the iPad and prepared it for using Visitor Manager Central restart the iPad again.

Step 4 – Install Visitor Manager Central iPad App #

The Apple App store should always have the latest version of Visitor Manager Central available. Check to ensure you are viewing the latest version of Visitor Manager Central on the Apple app store before installation.

  1. Open the App Store app on your iPad
  2. Using the search option, search for VISITOR MANAGER CENTRAL
  3. Locate the Visitor Manager Central Visitor Management System app and tap the icon to view the app details screen.
  4. Check the version number is correct on the app details screen.
  5. If you are certain you are viewing the correct version press the GET button or the download icon to install Visitor Manager Central on your iPad.

Step 5 – Launching Visitor Manager Central #

The first time you launch the new Visitor Manager Central app you will be presented with the login screen but do not login yet. We need to verify the correct app is installed.

  1. Check the correct version is displayed in the bottom of the screen (at time of writing this is Version
  2. Enter your admin email username and password then press LOGIN to continue.

You will now be logged into the correct version of Visitor Manager Central.

  1. If prompted for access to Location by the Visitor Manager Central app at any stage please, enable location services and set to allow/always
  2. If you are not prompted, you may need to allow this in the iPad Settings, go to the settings app > Privacy > Visitor Manager Central and allow location to Always

Step 5 – Configure Badge Printer (optional) #

You will need to reconnect your printer to Visitor Manager Central again if you are using badge printing. This does not Please use one of the guides below depending on the printer model you use. Ensure your printer is setup correctly first.

  1. Click on the Settings tab
  2. Configure your printer
  3. Select “Print Test” to test the connection and print

Step 6 – Load your Kiosk #

If all steps above are completed, you can now load your desired kiosk.

  1. Tap on Kiosks
  2. Tap on the Kiosk you wish to load

If you cannot see the kiosk you wish to load use the Refresh function on the top right corner of the screen (blue refresh icon).

The first time your kiosk loads it will pull all the settings from the web dashboard which may take a few moments.

Important: Please complete a full test of all functions to ensure its operating correctly as you would expect.

Troubleshooting #

Please note the steps in this guide must be followed carefully or you may experience the following issues when attempting to use the system.

  • Badge printing will not work
  • Loading screen may be stuck on the Visitor Manager Central welcome screen
  • Kiosk design may display incorrectly
  • Visitors may not be able to sign in
  • Kiosks may be missing on the iPad app or dashboard

If issue arise from the update it’s likely one of the steps above was not performed correctly. The most common problem is not deleting the Visitor Manager Central app and restarting the iPad before installing the new update.

Strange App Behaviour #

Deleting the app first will clear any settings or caching from the iPad app and memory and prepare it for a fresh install. Visitor Manager Central does not operate like other iPad apps, it uses systems resources for performance and security.

Printer Setup #

If you print badges you will need to setup your printer again, you should not need to reconfigure the printer itself.

Start Over #

We recommend setting up a brand-new kiosk to replace your old one. This will give you the opportunity to discover the new Kiosk Designer and powerful visitor flow options. The new designer also has some great new templates and design options, it’s a revolution in visitor management for your organisation.

Stuck on Splash/Logo Screen #

If you load the app and its stuck on any screen, its likely you did not delete the existing app first or you have an old version of the iPad or iOS. You may need to upgrade your device. Also check the iPad settings and ensure Location Services is set to Enables/Always.

No Kiosk Found #

If you cannot locate your kiosk in the list tap the blue REFRESH icon at the top of the screen.

Help I’m Still Stuck! #

Contact Visitor Manager Central support, so we can assist you. Be sure to leave your contact information, company and the issue you’re experiencing.

We also have many other help articles, search the article database for more guides on setting up and managing Visitor Manager Central.