Changing your Visitor Manager Central Administrator account

Best practice for setting up your primary Visitor Manager Central user account. #

Highlights of this article: #

  • Do not use your personal work email for admin accounts
  • Do use something like
  • Create a separate user account for yourself
  • If you need to change the primary admin user, contact Visitor Manager Central.

When you sign up for a Visitor Manager Central trial account it’s likely you used a personal email address, either your work email as an employee or personal email like a Gmail or Hotmail email.

Your email is a unique record we use to identify you, authenticate access and send you notifications and system messages.

This is great for evaluation only, but it’s best practice to use a general email for your main administrator account. This will allow you to do two important things.

  • Create an administrator account you can share with other users as needed
  • Let you create a personal user account to separate your own usage and records from the actual account administrator

The account admin is typically only used for product evaluation, configuration, settings and managing the account.

Your user account will give you all the tools needed as an employee to sign in, invite guests and use the other dashboard features.

Changing Administrator Email #

This is easy to do, just navigate to the Dashboard > My Account and change the name and email address of this user then save. You can then add yourself as a general user with a separate login.

  • Common names would be “Visitor Manager Central Admin” or “Administrator”
  • Common email to use would be or

Changing Administrator Accounts #

At times employees leave the organisation or you need to assign another user as an administrator. If you stick to the rule above, this will never need to be done, but if you have used an employee email and want to change this user to another, you will need to contact Visitor Manager Central to process this request for you.