Group Sign-in

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How to enable group sign in on your Visitor Manager Central Kiosk

If you a large group of visitors arriving at the same time, you can enable the Visitor Manager Central Kiosk to sign everyone in at the same time.

The process is simple:

  • Your group of visitors arrive
  • They sign in one by one on the Kiosk
  • Each visitor collects a badge if that’s required/enabled
  • The last visitor completes the group sign in
  • The host(s) receives one notification

NOTE: When you enable Group Sign In, the sign in behaviour will change slightly. Please test the flow to ensure it’s functional for your visitor groups.

Enable Group Sign In #

  1. Login to your web dashboard
  2. Click on the Kiosk you would like to enable Group Sign Ins for
  3. Click on the Button element you wish to enable Group Sign In for
  4. Tick the box Group Check-In on the tool bar
  5. Click Save and then click the arrow icon to Push to Kiosk
enable group check-in