Induction Screen

Learn how to add and modify your induction screen on your iPad Kiosk

The Induction Screen is one of the most important compliance features of Visitor Manager Central. The Induction Screen allows you to display important information to your visitors upon arrival, such as:

  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Site safety instructions
  • Intellectual property statements
  • Non-disclosure agreements

Induction documents are displayed on a single screen format with scrolling. You can also enable or disable the following functions:

  • Require a signature (on screen)
  • Require acceptance
  • Stop the sign in process if declined

The Induction Screen will be saved as a PDF on the visitors record. A copy of the documents can also be emailed to the visitor if this function is enabled and if you collect their email address upon sign in.

To edit the Induction Screen including updating, removing or enabling, follow the Terminal Designer instruction.

edit induction agreements and documents