Upgrading the VMC iPad App

How to update the Visitor Manager Central app

Visitor Manager Central releases new versions of the iPad kiosk app on a regular basis. The updates may resolve bugs, improve features and add additional features.

You will always have the latest web dashboard, there is nothing to update.

You can enable auto-updates on the iPad (settings app) or update directly from the app store. If you have any issues, close the Visitor Manager Central app and restart your iPad.

Upgrade iPad Kiosk App #

  • Logout of your current kiosk app
  • Delete the current version from your device
  • Ensure you have the latest version of iOS installed
  • Restart your iPad
  • Go to the Apple App Store and install the new update
  • Launch the Visitor Manager Central app and login to your account
  • If you require badge printing, reconnect your printer
  • Select the appropriate kiosk to display
  • Test the sign in process

Note: you may need to enable location services and camera access again in your iPad settings app so Visitor Manager Central works correctly.

Important! Tablet Settings #

Ensure you do not accidentally upgrade to untested or unsupported operating system versions.

Important! Upgrading Tablet Operating System (iOS, Android, Windows) #

Before updating your operating system ensure Visitor Manager Central app is compatible with this version (check with us or take note of the description in the App Store).