Manager Central’s email sending guidelines

Our Visitor Manager Central guidelines for sending emails that comply with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

We all hate spam. The Visitor Manager Central platform can to help you create valuable interactions between you and your visitors and employees. Combating spam is part of our mission to make internet communications safe and personal.

Our guidelines are created to protect both you and Visitor Manager Central’s reputation. Before you can send your notification message, you will need to sign up for a Free Trial or a paid subscription, this will ask you to agree and comply with our Terms and accept out privacy policies you’ll need to confirm that you’re happy to comply with these guidelines.

Visitor Manager Central’s General Email Guidelines #

  • 👍🏻  Have permission form the recipient
  • 📧  Message valid users only
  • 📝  Only meaningful content please
  • 🌈  Be authentic in your messages
  • 👩🏻‍💻  Be transparent in what your trying to say

Message performance 📈 #

Bad sending practices are not just bad news for Visitor Manager Central, but for your business too. High bounce rates mean your messages are not reaching their intended destination. High complaint rates mean people receiving the messages aren’t happy about it.

If you exceed our reasonable internal thresholds, we will be entitled to suspend your ability to send email while our delivery team investigates.

If we don’t see an improvement within a reasonable, defined period that we set, we may withdraw your access to the Visitor Manager Central platform altogether.

If we feel you are misusing our products or services, we reserve the right to withdraw access to our products and services entirely.

The legal bit 📖 #

As a Visitor Manager Central customer, you accept that you will adhere to these guidelines and that they are subject to change and publication on our website periodically.

In compliance with applicable data, privacy, and email marketing laws, you must have permission from a recipient to contact them with by email and SMS and other electronic messaging. If you do not, that email may illegal be deemed as spam. You should ensure that your email activities comply with local laws.

You must ensure you are meeting all your legal obligations. Don’t use Visitor Manager Central’s products in connection with data you don’t have permission to process.

You will fully indemnify Visitor Manager Central against any and all losses we incur as a result of any personal data processed in relation to your use of the Visitor Manager Central email, electronic and notifications services which breach any applicable laws or causes us to be in breach of any such laws.

Make sure you’ve read and understand these documents. If we feel you are misusing our products or services, we reserve the right to withdraw access to our products and services entirely. We also reserve the right to report illegal activity to authorities.

Contacting Visitor Manager Central ☎️ #

Sometimes things can go wrong and mistakes can be made. At any time, you are concerned these guidelines may have been breached or implicated please notify us as soon as you become aware at

… did you make it this far? Thanks for reading this article – we hope Visitor Manager Central can help you to create meaningful, personal connections with your visitors and make your organisation run more productively.