Reprint Visitor Badges

Learn how to reprint Visitor Badges

There are two ways to reprint a Visitor Badge with Visitor Manager Central. You can do this from the iPad Kiosk or the web dashboard.

Reprint from the iPad Kiosk #

To reprint a badge from the Kiosk you will need to have a Sign Out flow enabled on your Kiosk. You can do this by creating a Sign Out flow (button) using the Kiosk Designer.

  1. Tap the Sign Out button on your Kiosk’s home screen
  2. Find the name of the person whose badge you want to reprint on the signed-in people list
  3. Tap the blue print icon next to their name

This will send a print request to the Brother label printer that is connect to that Kiosk.

Reprint from Dashboard #

  1. On your dashboard’s home screen, go to LOCATIONS 
  2. Navigate to the current signed-in activity
  3. Click Manage Visitors 
  4. Tick the box in front of the name of the visitor whose badge you would like to reprint
  5. Click Print Badge
  6. Select which Kiosk printer you would like to print it from
  7. Click Print

The web dashboard will then send the badge reprint request to the Brother label printer connected to the Kiosk you selected.