Change size of Printer Labels

This guide will help you with setting up different size labels for the supported brother label printers

Visitor Manager Central supports only the 62 x 100 mm Shipping Label (DK-11202).

You can use other Brother Labels with Visitor Manager Central although they are not 100% supported. To change the label size you wish to use, follow the guide below.

  1. Login to your Visitor Manager Central App and navigate to Printers
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab
  3. Select Paper Size
  4. Choose a size from the list or enter your own custom size
  5. Check formatting and SAVE
Change Printer Labels Size
printer paper size settings

It’s important to enter the label size using the formant shown below as an example. If you do not enter this correctly it’s likely the printer will not recognise the paper type and will not be able to print.

  • DK-11202 is supported by default but you would enter 62mmx100mm
  • DK-22205 you would enter 62mmx30.48m

Look for the label size on the paper spool (plastic ribbon) or the packaging.

This guide is written to assist with

  • Changing label sizes
  • Label sizes
  • Badge printing
  • Changing badge print size
  • Updating badge labels