Enable iPad Kiosk Badge Printing

Table of Contents

Once you connect the printer to your iPad device you need to enable printing on the sign in flows

Once your Badge Printer is connected to your iPad device you will need to enable the badge printing function to:

  • Print new Visitor Badges
  • Reprint Visitor Badges

Enable Badge Printing #

  1. Ensure you have connected the Printer to your Visitor Manager Central iPad app and it can be reached with a print test (check hardware guides for further details)
  2. On your home screen, click on the Kiosk you would like to enable badge printing for
  3. Click on the button relative to Sign In Flow you would like to add badge printing to
  4. Click Manage Sign-In Type 
  5. Click +Add Screen 
  6. Click Print Badge 
  7. Click Save 
  8. Click the upload icon to Push to Kiosk

Now you have enabled badge printing for that specific Sign-In Flow. To enable badge printing for other Sign-In Flows, simply repeat the process.