Pre-Print Visitor Badges

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Learn how to print Visitor Badges prior to their arrival

You might want to pre-print your visitor’s Badge to speed up their sign in process on arrival. Once you pre-register your visitors with Visitor Manager Central you can also pre-print their Visitor Badge.

To pre-print Visitor Badges: #

  1. Complete the pre-registration of your visitor on home screen > LOCATIONS > Manage Visitors > + New Visitor
  2. Once you’ve pre-registered your visitor, in Manage Visitors, click the columns icon 
  3. Make sure the Show Pre-Registrations box is ticked
  4. Locate the visitor whose badge you would like to print on the list
  5. Tick the box next to their name
  6. Click Print Badge 
  7. Select which Kiosk printer you would like to print it to
  8. Click Print 
pre-print visitor badges