Switch Locations

Learn how to switch between locations in your Visitor Manager Central administrator dashboard

Visitor Manager Central’s dashboard displays data per location, so you can get accurate analytics at each of your offices and Kiosks.

Here we’ll cover:

  • What is location?
  • What is a Kiosk?
  • How can I switch between locations?

What is a location? #

A location is a fixed address. In other words. it is a business site.

One single location can have one or many different Kiosks at no additional cost.

However, if you are a large organisation with multiple locations (business sites) and want to use Visitor Manager Central in more than one location, you will need to purchase a license (with monthly of annual payments) for each additional location.

What is a Kiosk? #

A Kiosk is a single tablet device connected to your Visitor Manager Central account. Each locations can have unlimited Kiosks that will work as sign-in/out point for visitors, staff, contractors and others.

How can I switch between locations? #

You can access different locations by navigating your home screen, where your Kiosks will be segmented based on your different locations.

Otherwise, under the LOCATIONS tab, you will be able to navigate between locations and Manage Visitors, Hosts, Kiosks, Reports and Settings specific to them.

Additionally, if you are on the Manage Visitors, Hosts, Kiosks, Reports or Settings tab for a specific location you can use the drop-down menu below your current location’s name to switch to a different location without leaving the page.