Messaging & Notifications

Learn how to enable notifications for SMS, email and Visitor Manager Central Pass push notifications #

You can enable and disable Visitor Manager Central notifications at any time. To do this login as an administrator and go to SETTINGS > Notifications

In ‘General’ you can enable and disable specific settings for SMS, Email and Visitor Manager Central Pass push notifications.

In ‘Email Reports’ you can choose if you’d like activity reports to be sent, how often you like to receive them, when and who will receive them.

In ‘Outbox’, see all the notifications that have been sent.

Once this is done your Team Member will need to configure how they would like to receive notifications on their individual user accounts.

notifications settings

Problems & Solutions #

There may be times when a notification does not arrive. This may happen when a notification is delayed due to carrier network congestion (SMS), mail box servers or firewalls (Email).

  • Check to ensure you have enabled notifications in your settings
  • Check to ensure your user has notifications enabled
  • SMS will often arrive faster than email
  • SMS numbers must include country code (so +61 for Australia)

If notifications are not being delivered and your settings are correct, contact Visitor Manager Central support.