Default Contacts

Learn how to assign default contacts for notifications, deliveries and assistance requests.

Default contacts are usually your receptionist, security or mail room staff who will receive notifications upon visitor or delivery arrivals.

There are three types of Default Contacts you can assign to a Terminal

  • Default Contact – who will be notified if a visitor does not select a Host during their sign in
  • Delivery Contact – who will be notified if a Host is not selected during a delivery
  • Assistance Contact – who will be notified if a visitor selects Request Assistance

Assign Default Contacts #

To enable a default contact on a terminal simply follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your web dashboard
  2. Click on the Kiosk you would like to make changes to
  3. On the sidebar, click on Default Notifications 
  4. Enter one of multiple contact names (the contact must already have been added to the system as a Team Member)
  5. Click Save 
  6. Click the upload icon to Push to Kiosk

Enable Default Contact Notifications #

Once you have assigned your default contacts you can choose when and how notifications will be sent to the Default Contacts.

  1. Login to your web dashboard
  2. Go to SETTINGS
  3. Click on Notifications
  4. Tick to untick the boxes with the configuration you prefer
  5. Click Save
enable default contact notificaitons

These Default Contacts will now be notified based on the actions you have saved in the messaging settings.