VIC Government Visitation API

Learn how to be compliant with the VIC Government Visitation API.

Visitor Manager Central (VMC) API bridges the data gap between businesses and contact tracers using VMC Visitor Management System

In March 2021 the VMC software participated as one of the first adopters of the Victorian Government Visitation API. The API bridges the data gap between businesses and contact tracers.

All customers who are registered businesses and/or operate within Victoria, Australia and receive visitors are required to Contact Trace. VMC now offers this level of compliance as a 3rd party endorsed contact tracing system.

  • Pre-registered visitor information
  • Manual information collection sign in via iPad kiosks
  • QR code contactless sign-in for visitor digital identities

The following requirements will need to be setup

  1. Sign-in form must have at least, First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number
  2. Each location must have a valid address
  3. Each location must have a Location Main Contact, this is known by Victorian Government as “Venue Main Contact”
  4. Each kiosk must have a Default Contact, this known by Victorian Government as the “Location “Contact.
  5. The contact person must have an email address and phone number
  6. Each businesses must include their ABN in Settings > Account Details > Billing > Tax ID

The businesses may have other legal obligations such as only retaining data for 28 days, customised privacy policy and so on. VMC provides the tools needed to configure the product to meet all of these requirements.

Contact Tracer Access

In a situation where you have a critical event, the Victorian Governments assigned contact tracing team can remotely request this information from the VMC system.

VMC Endorsed Visitation System

Customers who are considering a digital visitor management system or existing VMC customers, be assured we are ready to support your local contact tracing efforts and compliance goals.

VMC is an approved third party integrator of the Victorian Government’s Visitation API.

You can view VMC as an approved party listed here:

Additional Information

For more information about the Victorian Government’s approach to Coronavirus please visit

For more information about the Victorian Government’s Visitation API please visit their website at

For additional information on what you can do to help with visitor record keeping visit the Victorian Government website here